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Why are our prices so good?

How do we save you money and still provide high quality, british manufactured jewellery?

British manufactured, wedding ring and engagement ring (sample)

British quality

We use UK based diamond and gemstone suppliers. We have strong trade relationships with these suppliers, and therefore excellent price agreements. The diamonds and gemstones we recieve from our suppliers are graded by GIA, the worlds foremost authority on diamond and coloured gemstone grading. Various well known jewellery chains across the UK use diamonds graded by gemology labs responsible for providing bias, innacurate gemology grading certificates/reports, we avoid all confusion by using diamonds and coloured gemstones graded by GIA.

We use a UK based ring mount and wedding ring supplier who manufacture the rings right here in Britain! When you buy an engagement ring, a wedding ring or any item of jewellery from Simon Clarke Jewellery you are recieveing high qulaity, british made jewellery.

Our bespoke jewellery is also designed and made and hallmarked in Britain! We have a workshop in the epicenter of UK jewellery; Hatton Garden, London. This workshop is home to very highly skilled craftsmen with whom we share a passion with, we work closely to bring your vision to life, consulting you every step of the way.

Why is it cheaper than the high street?

The sheer fact that Simon Clarke Jewellery is an appointment only, no shop window business saves us a staggering amount of money, and this is reflected in our pricing. We do not have the overhead costs that the high street jewellers have. High street jewellers might have 10 or more employees to pay for, they have high insurance costs, huge advertising campaigns, high maintenance costs and more.

We believe your engagement ring and wedding ring should be as unique as you, transparent in quality, built to last and actually affordable!

Off the shelf is dead.

When you go into a high street jewellery shop and tell them you are interested in buying a diamond ring, you get given a loyalty hook (glass of champange), and presented with pre made (often in asia) diamond rings, with shocking price tags. These diamond rings are made to lure you in with a nice appearance, while disragarding quality and therefore maximising profit.

Create & Craft!

At Simon Clarke Jewellery, we meet you in a relaxed environment, at your convenience to find out exactly what you are looking for. You may already know exactly what you are looking for, you may have no idea. We can show you an extensive range of styles using ring samples and brochures, to help you build a preference. We then discuss what you would like to spend and show you which diamond and metal quality we can provide for that budget, within your preferred style choices. We also show you how the quality we can provide supersides that of the quality provided by any given high street jewellery shop.

When we show you diamond, or coloured gemstone options to suit your budget we give you an easy to understand, yet thorough, education on diamond quality, all of the factors that influence this, and how these dictate price. All of which is backed up by grading certificates/reports from the worlds most respected diamond grading authority, GIA.

For more information, or to book your engagement ring consultation, please get in touch!

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