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Wedding Rings fit to last a lifetime

Our wedding rings aren't flimsy, light or hollow like some of the wedding rings on the high street. Our wedding rings are handcrafted to last as long as the marriage they symbolise!

Whether it's a simple, classic band, or something a little more unique, we are more than happy to help. We have been involved in the designing and making for over 34years, our highly skilled craftsmen produce high quality British wedding rings.

Lets talk classic wedding bands...

Classic Bands

Classic wedding bands are the most popular option when it comes to choosing a wedding ring. They come in a variety of profiles, metals, widths and finishes. They sit flush next to most engagement rings and offer a classic, timeless appearance. Lets run through the decisions you will make when choosing your band.


Choose the profile of your wedding ring. We offer light and heavy options for all profiles.

Band Width

This image is not to scale. Wedding band widths can be compared in person during your wedding band consultation.


Choose your metal. We offer Platinum, Palladium, 18 & 9carat Yellow gold, White gold & Rose gold. All of which are available to view during your wedding ring consultation.


Create unique rings by adding your favourite finish, texture or diamond cut pattern to one of our classic wedding bands. There is only 74 finishes to choose from!! You can also just keep it plain and simple.


We offer laser engraving, hand engraving and deep seal engraving for that personal touch. The following fonts are available for laser engraving.

Please get in touch to book your wedding ring consultation!

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