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Bespoke Engagement Ring Consultation

We offer a bespoke consultation process! We meet you at your convenience, wherever comfortable to help you decide on your dream gemstone, and design your custom engagement ring. It's an experience as unique as the ring that's created!


Are you bursting with ideas? Or need some inspiration? Either way we are more than happy to help you design your perfect engagement ring.

As a starting point, you could view some of our engagement ring styles on the website:

These rings are also available to view in the form of silver samples during the consultation process.

Silver sample rings

Maybe you have some of your own ring images you have found on the internet? Or images of friends rings? Or even images of rings you have seen in shop windows? We can use these to start the process of design, or even just to get an understanding of what styles you and your partner are comfortable with.

We will show you the different metals that your ring can be made in, each metal can be compared using characteristics such as Weight, Feel, Colour, Appearance, Durability and Cost. The metals we offer are Platinum, Yellow Gold (18 & 9ct), White gold (18 & 9ct) and Rose gold (18 & 9ct).

Knowing exactly what your ring will look like before comitting is obviously essential. We will take your ideas and turn them into a visable design, either as a drawing, or as a computer adided design (CAD) image.

A Bespoke Engagament ring sketch and finished piece, recently designed and made by Simon Clarke Jewellery

Budget & Cost

Knowing how much you want to spend before looking is essential. The Most cost influential decision you will make is choosing your diamond. Every diamond available at Simon Clarke Jewellery has individual characteristics. Each characteristic has a significant impact on appearance and ultimately value, because of this we will show you multiple gemstone options to suit your budget so that you can compare diamonds with different characteristics using the 4C's grading system. This will help you to compare, and choose which diamond is perfect for your ring.

Comparing diamond options

The 4C's is a grading system developed by GIA; the worlds foremost authority on diamond grading. For more information on the 4C's please read the 'How to choose your diamond' blog post.

Choice of metal type and ring style does influence cost, not nearly as much as diamond choice, but it does slightly.


We will give you a written quote along with your design. Here at Simon Clarke Jewellery we are proud to say that we can, and will beat the prices you see on the high street! We are also willing to beat any prices you find online for an item with the same specification. We do not have the rediculous overheads that the big retail jewellery shops have, so we are very reasonably priced compared to them, we can often beat their prices by 30 - 40%.


We will give you an accurate timeframe based on the processes involved in the manufacturing of your ring. For a bespoke engagement ring, after your go ahead the timeframe is usually 4-5 weeks.

The go ahead!

If you are happy with the quote, design and timeframe, (Which we have a fantastic track record for) we require a 50% deposit (usually paid via bank transfer) to initiate the manufacturing process. You pay the following 50% when you recieve your Jewellery.

For more information please do not hesitate to get in contact!

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