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Build your own engagement ring!

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Pre-made ring mounts allow you to create a style that suits you without the cost and timeframe of a handmade ring.

A cushion cut diamond & pre-made Ring Mounts available at Simon Clarke Jewellery


With Simon Clarke Jewellery engagement rings are easily customized. You can build your own engagement ring by choosing your diamond or coloured gemstone and the mount from a wide range of premade ring mounts. You can select the style of ring, the metal it is made of and how it is to be set.

What are 'Ring Mounts' ?

Ring mounts are pre-made rings ready for gemstones to be set into them. They come in a variety of styles, usually comprising of a 'shank', 'head' and 'prongs' or 'claws'. The shank being the band that goes around your finger, the head being the section ready to house the diamond and the claws being the small narrow metal supports, usually in 4's or 6's used to hold the gemstone in place. Some ring mounts are plain and some come pre-set with small diamonds. These small diamonds may be on the shoulders, around the band, or even on the claws.

Why use a pre-made ring mount?

The real advantage of pre-made mounts is that they give you a good idea of exactly what the finished ring will look like before committing to the cost. There is a huge selection of mounts available at Simon Clarke Jewellery, available to view through consultation. They can be ordered in your chosen metal, and often you can even order a different colour shank and head. If it is a semi-set pre made mount you like, the diamond quality can be ordered to match the quality of your chosen centre stone.

Cost and Timeframe...

Using pre-made ring mounts does save time and money. Having a ring made from scratch is a one of a kind creation made exactly to your specifications, however this can be costly and time consuming. After choosing a ring mount and diamond or coloured gemstone with Simon Clarke Jewellery your ring will be finished within 2 weeks. If you choose to design a bespoke ring it may take 5-6 weeks to receive the finished item.

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